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Devops Development

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We provide  end-to-end solution  specifically tailored  for  client needs. Our  team  boasts  deep expertise in solutions  involving  e-commerce portals, service


DevOps is more than a platitude for us. We are focused on maximizing developers’ time while minimizing the time they’re spending on the delivery pipeline, increasing the application velocity and thereby, enabling them to provide new features to customers quicker. This, in turn, fosters a DevOps culture and drives more innovation, which improves our Customer’s experience. To this end, we have developed an obligation model that allows us to deliver the highest-value services to our customers.  DevOps helps you build quality code and deliver products faster, thereby improving the customer experience.

Whiz IT global leverages the core principles of Dev Ops Development such as collaboration, automation, monitoring, and feedback to remove inefficiencies across the software delivery lifecycle so that enterprises can improve product quality and customer experience. We also help enterprises adopting the cloud right way using DevOps principles.

Pre-Integrated CI/CD Pipelines

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Available Implementations

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Select your code repository tool for code management and version control.

GitHub (hosted), GitLab (private)

Container Image Registry 

Choose from software and tools that register, secure and manage the distribution of container images. 


Continuous Deployment 

Put the right tooling in place for continuous delivery and continuous deployment. 


Build Tools 

Choose your build automation tool to compile code, and output deployable artifacts.

 Gradle, npm, Maven

Code Analysis 

Find where code quality meets your standards with the appropriate software quality management tooling. 


Log Management 

Make logging easier by choosing pre-integrated tools for ingest, analysis and reporting. 

ElasticSearch, Kibana

Infrastructure Provisioning 

Let best-of-breed tooling define and provision your end-point infrastructure. 

Docker, Ansible, Ksonnet

Workflow Automation 

Handle complex tasks and dependencies with the right workflow software to achieve code velocity.


 Automated Testing 

Shift left with every stack template you create by choosing the right testing tool for your teams. 

Selenium, WireMock,


Define the tool for optimal cross-team communication. 

GitLab, GitHub


Archive your existing configurations, cluster resources and persistent volumes in case of an accidental loss or a migration project. 


Operating Systems

 Select from supported operating systems. 

CoreOS Container Linux, Ubuntu


Use the same DevOps toolset in a hybrid cloud environment, across public cloud and private data centers. 

AWS, GCP, Azure, your data center