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We provide  end-to-end solution  specifically tailored  for  client needs. Our  team  boasts  deep expertise in solutions  involving  e-commerce portals, service


IoT & AI

We help transport industry with integration of IoT in their operations so that they can avail benefits of iot such as Managing the Storehouse, Fleet Management etc. 


Consulting and Solution Development

The elicitation and analysis of requirements. Technology and process consulting for business process modelling.

Defining the statement of problem along with recommendation on the blueprint of solution.

Thought leadership and repository of cases which are ready for business use.

Enhancements to the products and services.

Design of Connected Devices

Hardware product architecture (PCB, Firmware) for providing end-to-end products and speeding up development time.

Implementation of concept flow and assistance for the manufacturing of PCBs.

IoT framework and enabling design.

Customized design and prototyping of form factor according to requirement. Apps updates and certifications.

End to end system integration

Integration of CRM and other web content with ERP framework.

Integration of SMS and an email portal.

Integration of the Map and Billing system.

Integrating several Internet of Things technologies into different functionalities, divisions and phases in the life cycle of product.



Device lab testing (manual/automated).

Device field testing.

Platform testing.

Mobile application testing.

Application automated testing.


Managed services and support

Managing applications.

Cloud hosting support L1/L2/L3.

Managing remote infrastructure.

Managing incident.

Control center: SoC / NoC

Whiz IT  global Provides an interoperable end-to-end industrial IoT system that analyzes vehicle efficiency and saves data (even if the vehicle is offline) for vehicle maintenance forecasts or avoids. EAGLE & TRANSPORT WAR are Whiz IT’s end-to-end Industrial IoT market service, is the last mile mobility system that assures vehicle and workers health and efficiency.

Whiz ERP

Business sectors of logistics and transport link many companies and businesses via ground, sea, and air routes. Companies involved in these processes insure that raw materials or ready-made products, staff and even details are produced correctly on schedule. Everything can go wrong without careful planning and cause huge losses of capital, energy and prestige.

Logistics is a highly competitive sector, with changing market trends and customer expectations pushing like never before. Logistics companies will rely on automated knowledge and operations in real-time. You’ll feel a difference with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program. Once ERP is implemented, you get optimized delivery and delivery processes, use your business resources efficiently, avoid problems with car infrastructure being unavailable.

Whiz IT global Provides a complete transportation infrastructure named Whiz ERP to facilitate your operating as well as financial operations to help streamline the asset-intensive industry and thereby further minimize the risk associated with the expenditure in automobiles. 

It is an end-to-end solution integrated with the required modules for fleet owners and operators that allow visibility and security of virtual remote control over mobile resources in real-time. The system allows for real-time tracking of vehicles and identification of a vehicle’s location on a map. Get real-time data feeds on vehicle part efficiency, driving trends and cargo-hold parameters as well.

Benefits of Whiz ERP for Transportation Industry :

ERP saves time and money and lets deliver goods on schedule.

ERP enables the coordination of all supply chain linkages.

ERP utilizes barcodes, RFID, and websites to track inventories.

ERP is stepping up automation to start maximizing logistics.

ERP provides automatic monitoring, tasking, and recording of fleets.

ERP eliminates mistakes because there are less repetitive duties for workers.





Eagle provides 24X7 tracking & Mapping to the fleet owner. It enables fleet owner to safeguard it’s vehicle against theft attempts with the help of onboard camera and alarm system while the AI based Driver behavior tracking enables accident free trips for the driver as well as the company. System can detect drowsy driver or driver with sleep deprivation and can alert the fleet owner to either talk to the driver or remotely switch off the vehicle with onboard system.

Driver can see map in the system and set trip route as well as track his work hours etc so that driver can take rest after set of hours as previously decided.

It also enables SOS to the fleet owner in case of accidents or any theft attempt to if driver feels he has risk to his life etc.

Transport War

Transport war is a truck owner-business owner portal where truckers and business list themselves and when business owners required quotation for transfer of their goods or list their material for transportation the truckers can bid live and with person bissing lowest rate is awarded the transfer of good tasks.

The system directs bid owner to the location of business owner, create edit modify and download the manifest for transfer.

In trucker profile you can track you last jobs, your locations and total distance traveled for delivery etc. THe trucker profile also lets you to send invoices to the business owner and keep track of  earnings, total miles traveled and driving behaviors in all the trips etc.

Trucks may be checked for wear and tear so that potential problems can be resolved before the truck breaks down. This is accomplished by analyzing the raw data captured by IoT sensors using a Machine Learning system. We can use the new data based on past cases and incidents to predict issues that might occur in the near future. It helps to reduce costs of repair-preventive maintenance is usually done.

The tracking of cargo manipulation with IoT sensors is more effective and safe. Cargo can be tracked to evaluate if and when it has been compromised, or even released. Particularly sensitive to contamination are prescription or grooming materials, and it is important to identify when something is incorrectly handled, when it was opened, and which specific items have been compromised.

Carriers can monitor the location of every truck in their fleet and when they will arrive at their destinations. Navigation systems identify the optimal route based on weather and traffic conditions. Drivers can be re-routed in real-time.

With cargo tagged with sensors, RFID tags, or low-energy Bluetooth devices, loading and unloading is faster. Drivers equipped with smartphones and tablets remain connected to headquarters which are immediately notified of changes in delivery status and schedules.