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While interacting with Restaurant industry enthusiasts, business owners it was always put in front of us that traceability of business while being away from the business is such a crucial task that they get sleepless nights thinking about the ongoing operations in the restaurant while away from it. There are a lot of POS systems which offer somewhat traceability to the operations but no player in the market offers end to end solution which will eradicate problem faced by restaurant owners. Many POS lack Inventory management, Financial Management, Tax management and accounting management which are very necessary parts of restaurant operation and normally industry people have to rely on various third-party applications to run the operations. When we started putting things on paper for Wiki, we wanted to make a Best Restaurant Management System in the market, which will offer End to End Restaurant management system for a small QUICK SERVING RESTAURANT as well as MULTI-STAR FINE DINE RESTAURANTS.

Today we are proudly offering an intuitive and state of the art restaurant management system which offers each and every bit required for running a restaurant business smoothly. As icing on the cake, Wiki also offers an array of various android based application for the restaurant owner, captain, kitchen and table from which diners can directly place their order with all possible customization in the menu.

The Restaurant owner app- called Insider app, gives 100% of the operations of the restaurant at fingertips to owner anywhere in the world, he can see daily sales reports, plan daily purchase by overlooking the inventory and manage manpower with just clicks.

We want to offer a Best Restaurant POS to restaurant owners bundled with Menu management, inventory management, finance and tax management, marketing segment combined with Customer relationship management and target to see Wiki to be renowned as one of the Best restaurant POS  in the market in next 5 years.